Equipois Inventor Garrett Brown Excels in the Olympics

Steadiseg covers Usain Bolt at the Olympics

Steadiseg Chases the World’s Fastest Man

With the Olympics over, we wanted to express our pride in Equipois inventor Garrett Brown.  Garrett’s inventions were all over the Games.  His legendary Steadicam invention could be spotted everywhere, including on camera on the track next to Usain Bolt.  His Mobycam glided underneath swimmers to give a truly unique view from below (see a funny tribute to Mobycam’s recent coverage here).  His Divecam — a device he developed at the request of NBC — followed divers right into the pool.   (For the Beijing Olympics, there was a great WSJ article on the Divecam, including an interactive graphic.)   His Flycam soared over the water for rowing competitions.  At some points it looked like Garrett had a hand in nearly every shot.

The 2012 Olympics also featured a recent evolution of the Steadicam, the Steadiseg.  As the name implies, the Steadiseg mounts a Steadicam on a modified Segway.  Steadiseg provided amazing shots during the opening and closing ceremonies and throughout the Games.  Equipois is collaborating with Steadiseg inventors Ulrich (“Ulik”) Kahlert and Chris Fawcett — very talented inventors in their own right — on highly mobile versions of zeroG, as well as other future products.

Garrett is a creative, resourceful, visionary inventor who can conceive of solutions that are both intensely practical and dramatic in their results. He also happens to be a lot of fun to work with, with a great sense of humor and a truly generous spirit.  Kudos to Garrett for his tremendous accomplishments at the Olympics!


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