The zeroG Killer Apps

You may have noticed us using the term “Killer Apps” in other posts.  For us the term (borrowed from the software industry) refers to the applications where an assistive device like zeroG is so compelling that it is insane for anyone to work at that activity without one.  Typically injuries drop from frequent to zero and productivity rises significantly, such that the ROI is over 200% (and as high as 600%) per year.  Each Killer App has been validated with a world-class customer (typically one of the top companies in the world in aerospace, defense, automotive, heavy machinery, shipbuilding, or metal fabrication), and is supported by case studies and preconfigured solutions.

Some of our most popular Killer Apps include:

Riveting aerospace

  •  Riveting for aerospace.  Large squeeze riveters typically weigh 20-30 lbs.  Only certain workers have the build even to lift the tools, and they can only do so for minutes at a time before getting tired.  After years of doing so, they are bound to have chronic shoulder or back problems, if not an injury requiring surgery.  With zeroG, the most skilled can do the job (and not just the largest), they will not be hobbled by fatigue, and they won’t get hurt.  With an ROI of over 400%, it is a no brainer…and the subject of its own blog post.
  • Grinding for any metal fabrication or finishing.  We talk a lot about grinding.  We blog about it; we write white papers about it; and well up with pride when customers like the U.S. Navy issue press releases about how great our solution is for it.  We do all that because grinding is an incredibly tough job, with astronomical injury rates and horrible efficiency, and zeroG instantly makes it faster and safer (along with some unexpected benefits, like reducing dropped tools that damage product and cut through cords or injure people).  If workers in your organization use grinders heavier than 6 or 7 lbs., you owe it to them, and to your employer, to give an assistive device a try.
  • Overhead sanding.  Working with any tool overhead for long periods is an ergonomic stressor.  Overhead sanding (or grinding or buffing, for that matter) is particularly bad.  We worked closely with several of our aerospace customers to develop a zeroG solution that would greatly reduce fatigue while preserving the essential freedom of motion needed to do the job well.  The end result is definitely a killer app — one customer reported that it reduced their sanding costs by nearly 70% …other customers have seen similar results, and the solution was the subject of a presentation at the Applied Ergonomics Conference.
  • Drilling.  In aerospace, construction and farm equipment, and similar manufacturing, large drills weighing from 15-30 lbs. or more are often used to bore through heavy castings or strong materials.  Examples include Quakenbush drills and orbital drills like those made by Novator.  With zeroG to float these drills, customers experience ROI’s in excess of 300%.

These are a few choice examples — there are other Killer Apps, some of which as listed here.  What they all have in common is that assistive devices like zeroG offer simply a better way to do the job, with much less fatigue, greater efficiency and fewer (or zero) injuries.   We fervently believe that, in time, everyone doing these tasks will be assisted with a technology like ours.

If your company has “Killer App” operations, it is worth learning about the new best practices.  Contact us with questions.


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