X-Ar Helps Assemblers at Hasbro

Game manufacturer Hasbro has been working with students studying physical therapy at the American International College in Springfield, Mass. to see if X-Ar can help assemblers there.  You can see a news segment on the project above, done early on before results were available.

This month TodayInPT.com, a online resource related to physical therapy run by Gannett, discussed some of the results:

During the pilot, [Professor Carley of America International College] said the workers adapted well and reported more endurance and fewer injuries. The arms being used in the project are x-Ar made by Equipois, and are lightweight with an adjustable spring, he said.

Carley thinks exoskeletal arms will be very useful in the future because they have the potential to be used in many different settings or fields other than manufacturing. “If doctors are doing long surgeries, their arms are going to get tired,” he said. “Also, as the population ages, the use of exoskeletal arms could actually help people function.”

We couldn’t agree more, and are very gratified to see such positive results from the X-Ar.  You can find the article here, or on our Featured News page.Hasbro X-Ar

The same pilot will be the subject of a workshop by Hasbro at this summer’s conference for the Volunteer Protection Programs Participants’ Association (VPPPA):

This workshop shares a collaborative ergonomics study conducted by the Hasbro East Longmeadow VPP Star site in conjunction with mechanical arm support manufacturer Equipois and students of the American International College’s Doctoral Physical Therapy program to evaluate a cutting-edge, high-tech mechanical arm assist for reducing cumulative trauma injury potential, increasing productivity and decreasing costs in the workplace.

 Assistive devices that improve safety and productivity are definitely the future…these sorts of studies are laying the groundwork and helping us improve our solutions.  Kudos!

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